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well... thats pretty much how I look like if i did not get enough sleep.

Well, today I... or rather twinneh came across for GUY VERSION OF YOU.
Pretty much no matter whether you are a guy or girl doesnt really matter, because i've always believed that both genders have feminine and manry side. hurhur~~~ I've put in some real guys' name, and i almost vomitted blood. some turned out girly as a guy and some turned out as real men. Its really fun.

So here are my results~~~


hair colour/lenght - Grey / long
Clothes - school uniform
Height - 185CM
Type - Gentle Seme

Andelia is another name i use for gaming world

hair colour - Grey / short
Clothes - doctor's white robe
Height - 179CM
Type - Ultimate seme? [something along that line really]

which leads me to think...
there was only one person who popped into my mind....

Usami Akihiko =A=;;;

hahahahah well pretty much explainable since twinneh say I am very much like him *sweatdrop*


I did check for Sochii's romanji too~


hair colour - Pink / midlenght
Clothes - Black robe
Height - 165CM [eh wtf this is my height okay]
Type - attacked by a younger seme or attacking an older uke

well.... honestly. I find it theorically explainable too, but that is for me to know and you to find out.
Character representive for this would prolly be... Virgo of Starry Sky

pretty uke face isnt it?

because I are such a jackass, i decided not to post the link here.

you can either

1. go to and look for it


2. post your name here and i'll help you do it. please indicate if you need a translation or not, if not i'll do it in original text.
[This is so i can snicker before i post it up]

There are still other makers/quizzes in shindanmaker that you can try, like what is your pickup line, etc. So have fun guys 8D

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