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cant stop using this image.. it is so ridiculously cute~~

Went out with twinneh to the casting call by Peggy from thy-dowager.blogspot.com

It was a rather pleasant session with twinneh's constant unglam moves and whining of being bored. PATIENCE, YOUNG ONE. She really needs to learn to be patient.

More photos as usual...




So this morning I woke up to a news that I was on Stomp.sg
I laughed at votes thing. To be honest, I am not really that bothered about it but if all you are so "kaypoh", go ahead and read it.


To whoever who put that up...

I am NOT convinced that I needed makeup because I was mistaken as a boy, it wasnt even written in the papers for gods sake. I needed makeup for cosplay.
As for going on to full-on anime girl? wtf is this? So you mean to say...like at least 50% of sg girls go full-on anime? Its just makeup really but thanks for saying i look pretty without makeup too.

For the very last time, I dont know how people manage to derive to this idea but..


oh gawd. you know how bad it is to put on makeup EVERYDAY? I put on makeup at most 3-4 times a week. Sometimes, I can go without makeup for TWO WEEKS. I know people who put on gal makeup everyday, but I am not one to be soooooooooo hardworking.

regarding the comments... that i see now as of this timing, i dont think i m going to check back though.

calling me ugly. I haven heard this ever since my first boyfriend. *rofl* Everyone has their ideal of beauty. *shrugs*
About my ethnicity and nationality, to be honest, i cant give a flying fuck about it.
I have never once told someone that I wasnt what I was.
I am a Singaporean Chinese. People like to call me whatever they wish too, i take it as compliments/insults.
I dont feel that my eyes are hidden under the makeup, they ARE enhanced by the makeup. *shrugs* i just dont see the point of looking like a china chinese.
Chinese are asians, arent Japanese?

Its just a fashion/makeup style. People getting uptight over it is just really amusing. This probably shows how narrow-minded Singaporeans really are when they always say that OH WE ARE READY TO ACCEPT NEW THINGS NEW CULTURES.

Really, are you?


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