Happy Valentines~~

Happy valentine with SGstreetangels~
picture by Noriaki-san

Valentines are celebrated in different countries in many different ways. Since my blog is usually focused on Japan fashion and makeup, and I am a Singaporean, I will just talk about these two.

Singapore Style

Having seen so many valentine's day pass by in Singapore, it is a standard day. Guys get ripped off by girls... 10 TIMES MORE THAN USUAL. *laughs* I am serious. Say on a normal day, you receive a rose. On Valentine's, the girl will expect a huge bouquet accompanied with chocolates or bears. Who came up with this standard anyway? Commercial companies of course. Valentine's is a day to shower your lover/partner with more MATERIAL love than usual.

Usually in Singapore, girls are on the receiving end while guys ponder over what to get. On rare occasions, you will see guys getting gifts from their girls. Almost all couples will go on a date. A movie, a dinner or some dayout activities. Streets of Singapore are usually flooded with couples, a guy holding a girl and the girl holding on to some flora.

I have passed the streets on valentines once, and alone, and I always find myself thinking : "ah... it would be so nice to receive those pretty roses and have a charming partner" I can never stay beside flowers for too long because I have pollen allergies, I do have flowers sent to me every Valentines and not to mention on some normal days too, but I will never have enough time to appreciate them.

I'd say Singapore ladies are pretty lucky to have guys to pamper them, not only on this day but throughout the relationship. How about taking the initiative this time and follow the Japan style?

Japan style

Personally, I celebrate valentines in Japan style which is kind of rare for Singapore so usually...95% of my feelings will not be reciprocated. *laughs* den again a lot of people might say that White Day is just for ripping-off.

Usually on Valentine's Day, women are the ones who gives out chocolates and confessed to their crushes. There are two types of chocolate that they give out, the Giri-choko and the Honmei-choko.
Giri-choko usually means gratitude/courtest chocolates given to bosses, colleagues and friends. Honmei-choko is the chocolate you give out to your true love.
Personally, I have given out both types of chocolates before, but I might try my hand at making chocolates next year. This year, I was just way too lazy even though the thought had been on my mind for awhile.

After Valentine's Day, comes White Day on 14March. This is the day where men are suppose to return the feelings of confession or follow the rule of sanbai gaeshi, which can be loosely translated to tripling the return. The common gifts of return are white chocolate, jewellery and ribbons. I know that it might be said differently, but these are the common gifts I see.

Even if a guy could not reciprocate the feelings of another, some of them might return the gifts as an obligatory move. White day was an "answer" day started by some confectionary company, and not official in terms of celebration but I still like the idea of it to be given a time to answer those feelings that were expressed for you.

Ladies, have you decided if you are going to give out chocolates this year?


This year, I am celebrating it as a single as usual but I have two giri-choko for my closest buips, Lawliet and Chiru. I would not be able to pass it to them on time but at least with such awesome technology, I will be able to send them some "proof" first *laughs*

I know the picture is on the wrong side up but it doesnt really matter does it?
Pink bear is for Lawliet and the brown one is for Chiru

I "snitched" it from my mom's valentine's sales bouquets because I am too poor this year to give out anything.

Finally here is a video of my visual transformation, it is not related to valentine's but it is to the picture right at the top.
Hope you enjoy it and pardon my noobiness in it.

Happy Valentine's to all readers and may couples lasts and singles find their true love soon!


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