Hororacle , finally!

Stunning photocredits to Pleadignorance.

WHOOP WHOOP~~~!! Thanks all for the awesome encourages and congratulations on my article feature.
I know I might not have alot of readers but at least you were all sharing my joy.

SO today, I've finally gotten off my lazy ass... no not napbas stuff.. AND DID UP A HOROSCOPE CHANNEL ON TWITTER~~~ do follow me @Hororacle

You can ask any horoscope-related question on Twitter and get answers for it!

For example, how compatible are horoscope1 and horoscope2?

The reason why i setup this twitter page is because I have seen DOZENS of twitter accounts tweeting horoscope but nobody ever thought of answering personalized questions while alot of these are found on websites [GET YOUR DAILY READIN TODAY! ASK YOUR QUESTIONS!] but none on twitter.

In real life, I've been approach quite a few times and even reading and telling during huge dinner gatherings. It might be generalization but horoscope has helped me quite abit in my life to understand and prevent myself from doing things that i WILL regret. It is like a small alarm bell.

So besides helping out the people around me, now, I wish to extend it to the world. I know it might sound corny and all but it is an enjoyment for me to read horoscopes and help untie some knots in people's hearts.

So how did the name hororacle come about. It is pronounced as Ho-ro-cle. I know it isnt suppose to be but wouldnt it be a mouthful otherwise? *laughs*
I've always joked with a bunch of friends while telling them about their horoscopes, and I am always like CALL ME ORACLE. Since it is about horoscope, so I just came up with the name spontaneously.

So to finish up this post, @Hororacle will be accepting both open mentions and private DMs. So dont be shy k!!

Okay now, please excuse me while I go practice some songs to sing with YQ. LOL!!


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