A "rewrite" of the Report

Okay, not really a rewrite. Just to clarify a few points because I felt that it was important FOR ME. *virgo trait*
All that I have corrected would be something that i told him, the writer Shaun, but it just came out slightly misrepresented under his keyboard.
NONETHELESS, my parents and I agreed that it was a good report in overall, but i m a virgo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

If you want to read the report, feel free to click on the picture. It is full resol from camera so I am sure it is sufficient.

So~~~ HERE WE GO!!

*Pointo 1

spends an hour putting on makeup everyday.
I dont spend an hour everyday. I spend approximately 30-45mins on makeup. UNLESS I am trying out a new style or watching animations while doing it. ROFL. Neither do i apply it EVERYDAY. I guess it is for the impact that it was written that way. I put on makeup roughly from none to 5 times a week. Not everyday people, skin needs to rest, and that is not just at night.

*Pointo 2

Two years ago, she refused to put on makeup because it meant wakin up earlier to get ready for work.
Wrong again. I've been into make for 5-6 years. I've only started gal make 2 years back. No matter whether it is 5 yrs, 2yrs or 10yrs, i will NEVER wake up earlier to put on makeup for work unless my work requires makeup *cues dollywink job*

*Pointo 3

The only time she does not put on make-up is when she goes out to get groceries near her home.
OR WHEN I GO SLACK 8D or feeling super lazy. I wont call this a wrong point because I never tell him that. It is just clarifications, he did write it right.

*Pointo 4

Going to bed at midnight.
Well~~~ I did tell him that, but we know otherwise when games and anime comes into picture sometimes 8D

*Pointo 5

Puttin on makeup after being mistaken as a boy and going into cosplay.
Wrong again. I became guyish AFTER i entered cosplay and cos i like it. *flex* makeup became something to enhance mah manliness *flex* BWAHAHAHAHAHA. He wouldnt understand my twisted thoughts but he sorta messed up the timeline here abit.

*Pointo 6

Feeling more confident with makeup on.
He left out the part where i said it doesnt mean i feel like shit without it on. Maybe there is a word limit *gasupu* i talk too much!!!

*Pointo 7

SO why did she settle on the "gyaru" style?
I did not really just settle, my dear readers who loved me during my vk times. I AM STILL LOVING VISUAL KEI 8D you guys will be in for a recent surprise 8D

*Pointo 8

Ayumi taking inspiration from gyaru style.
AYUMI IS GYARU. I told him that, but I guess he was going D8 over deadline.

*Pointo 9

But she said she is not "cam-whor-ing".
I beg to differ, I AM A CAMWHORE 8D i am not JUST camwhoring but also to document my change. 8D

*Pointo 10

I dont only learn from youtube. I learn most of the time by sitting infront of a still picture of some model and visualizing what to do. *for real*

*Pointo 11

She started a Facebook Group.
I did not start a facebook group. DENISE [@ mychocolatewaffle.blogspot.com] started the facebook group with me. She was an important part of the group. THE HEAD. SHE GOT US THE KAWAII.TV RECORDING SESSION. *gives her a huge round of applause*

*Pointo 12

At least he put in my nick, so people can kaypoh and search for me ._./

All in all good humor of this report, it is still not bad. I might sound a little haughty at the end but HEY, it is the fact and I am not the only one who looks good out there 8D *bitchplease.jpeg*

Well. that ends my "rewrite" hope you guys enjoyed puking at my makeup-less face 83

will be blogging about spring Taikai soon since Lawliet is doing all the edits so i can focus on my napbas pics *like never pls*


u deserve to have ur bloglink in the papers!
DemDems said…
I'm so happy for you, despite him getting some key points wrong, it's still amazing to be published in the newspaper like that! Congratulations big time! ♥
Clara >> Thanks babe!!! I am just guessing he forgot about the link *hopefully i m right*

DemDems >>> Thanks dearie <3 It was a new experience
LEon said…
wah so proud of you to have a article on our newspaper. You are going places. LOL
LEon >>> thanks so much >A</ Its just a small article but I do hope it has helped some people to notice me!
Yumi said…
The report said that u are a frelance makeup artist? Can I hire u for my Rom make up.. I love vk makeup n gyaru makeup.. but dun seem to find any artist in Sg >< love your makeup.. can u contact me at x.Maddy.x@gmail.com?? Pretty pleaseeeeee....

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