Thanksgiving X GAL VIP

VIP GAL has released their Vol3!

cover model: Rox @

You can download it via this link: GAL VIP VOL3
The Password is "galvip109"

I am this month's cyber model~~ /0/ even though it is nothing huge since it is just a FANS-FOR-FANS publication but I am happy. I've also been cordially invited into the team after this issue as one of their models so you will be seeing more of me in their magazine.

This is just a quick update while i work on my long overdues...

recently i've been feeling so ridiculously tired out and aching EVERYWHERE thanks to my job, but I guess it is all part of life. I've not been controlling my anger well, so that I will have to repent for. I'll need to relax a bit more since weekend is right ahead of me, but I have events to attend, people to support.

I shall end this abruptly here. ciao.


Sana said…
That's nice,congratz!
I wish I could join them too but I don't think I have enough potential XD

Looking forward to see you more in the magazine :D
Nana said…
I am happy that the GAL community is doing something like this ^ ^
THT Christina said…
New follower here! I actuall came across your blog thanks to the Gal VIP magazines ^^ Looking forward to your future posts :D

Sana >>> Thank you~! They approached me so I joined.

Nana >> they've been doing this for quite awhile now

Christina >> Thank you for following! I hope to have more time to write too~

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