Granado Espada 0.2

this is gonna be one boring i m gonna do something interesting =D

my family in GE, Andelia family. they might look like a innocent bunch but they are actually leechers of the Kuroudo family =D nah...Kuroudo familiiy is helpful.

Sparrow Andelia[scout]
Sha Andelia[wizard]
Seleia Andelia[elementalist]

Kuro Andelia[M'Boma]
and one fighter n musketeer which i have forgetten what name.

Sha: OH NO +A+ we are locked in!!! *panics*
Sparrow: no we are not =.=
Sha: but the metal head dude say we cant go out to kill those weird thingies!*sniffs*
Sparrow: =.= its maintenance day, you dunce.
Sha: =A= NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *crys* [he's a fightin freak]
Sparrow: =.= there there *hugs*
Sha: *sniffs hugs* why birdy~
Sparrow: =.= one more time u call me that, i'll kill you in a duel. *hugs hugs*

Sparrow: Seleia darling =D you came out of the barracks *hugs*
Seleia: *prays* oh good Lord, pls let the maintenance be over and let me leave this weird guy
Sparrow: =D *hugs*

Sha: *sighs* this is gonna be one long borinh day~
Seleia: yea...
Sparrow: maybe we can go out on a date, Seleia. there's one good restaurant at Port of Coimbra, i noe...
Seleia: No.
Sparrow: =.=


Sparrow: this is gonna be one long boring day~
Sha: zzzzzz

Meanwhile in barracks...*not feature*

Kuro:[sleepin on couch]zzzzzz
Fighter: we need a good fight! *attacks musketeer*
Musketeer:I shall truimph!! *shoots back* i need a new musket.
Fighter: FTW! *dodges*
Fighter/musketeer: =X yes Kuro-sir.

this ends granado 0.2
i need to get more pics to this stuff =D


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