Granado Espada 0.3

absolutely adorable gaara n *coughs* naruru.

once again....MAINTENANCE. i m starting to hate thursdays >.>

and once again my dear characters are suffering from fighting withdrawals...

[leader]Sparrow Andelia[scout]
Sha Andelia[wizard]
Seleia Andelia[elementalist]
Kuro Andelia[M'Boma]
Anelia Andelia[fighter]

Nafetia[i think..]Andelia[musketeer]

Sha:WOOHOO!!!lets get goin =D
Seleia: we cant go in there...we'll jus die =.=
Sha:=A= den where to?
Sparrow: Tetra i guess..
Sha:damn. there again? ok =.=

movin to tetra...

after ten minutes

Sha:erm...any idea why those weird thingys are not respawning?
Seleia:what time is it,Sparrow
Sparrow: 10am

at the very same time at Al Quetz[my friend's family]

Rave Ongsterr: erm guys?
Seighart Ongsterr: *checks watch* =.= GAH.

-Ongsterr family gets transported back to barracks-
-Andelia family gets transported back to barracks-

Nafetia:welcome back guys =D pancakes anyone?
Kuro: me.
Sha: ME ME ME!!!
Seleia: two pls =D
Anelia: *sulkin in one corner*
Sparrow: whats up with Anelia? -shrugs-

Kuro: lets go out
Anelia: ME
Sparrow: coming...

Sparrow: its maintance day.
Kuro: ... ...

Anelia: NOOOOOO!!!
Sparrow: we can always go on a date you know =D
Kuro: u sound like Sha, Anelia. now sit down. *sits*

Anelia: no. =.= *lies dead*
Sparrow: meh...*lies bac*
Kuro: .....

-5 mins passes-

Anelia: I CANT STAND IT NO MORE!!!! *runs away*
Sparrow: oh boy....brb
Kuro: =.= will be waitin here.

Sparrow: ANELIA!!!*grabs hold anelia*

Anelia: WOT?
Sparrow: come on...dun be such a spoilt sport, i will bring you on the next fight k?
Anelia: serious? *eyes wide*
Sparrow: serious. swear. if not i will walk in town nekkid.
Anelia: ok. now hands off pervo.
Sparrow: =A=;

this ends another chpt for GE maintenance... =D


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