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Aoi love...the smexy eyes n lips =3 mine. all mine.

more tests~[this is posted after toya did hers, n i did not tell her my results until she's done XD]

test 4:;;%20are%20you%20a%20seme%20or%20an%20uke__%20?

You are the Sadistic Seme. You're controlling, extremely dominitive, and lust for the gasps and yelps and moans that you can make your uke produce. You can be forceful and unrelenting, and you want your uke to follow to what you tell them to do. You can be angry, and you can be very much in love, but you tend to hide it under layers of pure evil, where you let off to make people believe that you don't believe in foolish emotions. However, you're actually compassionate, somewhere deep, deep, deep in that black black heart of yours.<3 uke

Test="D:" href="">

you are a total seme u like top and to take control wahooo go u

:toya's half half:


You are the Semeuke...yay the recessive dominatrix. You know how to take it and are good at giving it. Good for you.

:toya got semeuke too =D*


You are the seme in this relationship! Not always romantic, not always perfect, but pretty near to it, you have the strength to be on top and should rightfully stay there.

:toya's result:
You are an uke - romantic first and foremost, you always think about the loving thing to do. You're considerate and know just how to please your man, if not entirely spoil him. Hey! Just because you're an uke, doesn't mean you can't be very manly!:

test 9:[this test is obvious]

You are seme!! :D

:toya's result: You are uke!!! :3 :


its in dutch...i assume they mean 100%seme

its uke..but i dun understand what they write.


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