Three stupid things sochii does

ZOMFG shikamaru sexay pic *jaw drop* i m serious. never seen him so smex.

anyway...this are three stupid things sochii, as in ME, can do.

one. take the wrong direction train.
two. forget to bring training stuff for badminton.
three. leave handphone at home

I DID ALL TODAY. WOW. damn i m dumb. i remember n went bac to house for phone. took train to dover instead of boonlay. and toya had to come down and pass me her shorts =.= tats the worst. i feel so stupid.

I cant stop talkin the moment toya came n she have to listen to me ramble on n on n on. oh yea..*shy* n i gave toya a lil peck on her head *shy* dunno if she omg la >///< i was so high...den i smiled foolishly on my way to trainin...its like wth m i puttin that face >< oh yea...n her hair smells nice =D

zOMFG dingo's like a paternal twin.I LOVE HIM. as in...brotherly yea? he's a totally cool guy. telepathy is good, dingo. =D


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