To pierce or not the question

THIS, people, is Aoi in kimono =D he looks gorgeous. compared to another*cough*member*cough*of*cough*gazette*cough* hehehe *gets stone to death by uruha fans ><*

its forth day~~~ i m bettin uncle john will play again =D he's like addicted...well not as deep as i m =D

bloody hell....toya showed me vidoll's picture..i m like 0W0 omg omg....i wan their hair =D esp the red hair forgot his name >.> cant blame me....*edit:tero is TEH man *

oh the title suggest...i thought this morning of gettin lip piercin =D is it painful?

listening to-- some songs my new fren[benedict] is playin from his lappi, n him singin >.>

condition-- good =D


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