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pretty but not done by me =X credits are on the picture.

Quiz 1: why do you kill? [girl pictures]


You Kill As A Result Of Coldness.
You loath every living thing on this planet, it all disgusts you. No one is fit for this world but you and you plan to make it that way but killing everyone. You a loner and no one dares to go near you.
Personality: Cold, empty, insane
Weapon: Guns
Expression/Action: Menacing Laugh, or Glare
Most Common Feeling:Disgust

:so true =.=:

Quiz2:What Power is compatible with you?

Your power is: Time Control

Explanation: You have the ability to freeze, push forward or go back in time. In good purposes it is used to prevent bad deeds, and the opposite for evil purposes.
As a person your emotional level has been on hold. For one reason or another emotions has reduced and now you aren't so full of life. And of course, this does not sadden you since you could care less. Sometimes though you can be hit by emotioal waves inside but you block it all out. You don't search for something that could make you happy since you have no hope in that area any longer. People probably see you as annoying because you're not involved and just stand there. You probably don't have that many friends either, and you feel like you are with them because that's what you normally do. You stick to your habits and don't appreciate changes.
Negative aspects: One day all emotions are gonna surface again, and that day will be very painful. Instead it is more wise to start up the emotional level bit by bit, so it won't come as a big chock.

:this is bull. i just like time control thingy though =D screw emotions :

I m too lazy to hunt for more....quizilla is gettin shitty. >.> zzzzz

oh yea....btw.

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