Decisions on what to blog

i lol-ed seriously at this...credits on the pictures...

actually din wanna blog..cos too lazy to up pictures...but i promised Toya some pics of

Ever thought of which is more scary? corroded nail or chipped nail? actually they are about the same...but corrodin is scary...i m serious...should have taken a pic before i trimmed my nails >.> that reminds me...maybe i m goin to continue w my granado espada drama tmr...but today is maintenance...

List to Blog
1.Jin's night over
2.Grando Espada paro
3.Dingo v.0.2

=.= no this is too stressful...i think i will put GE paro till nex thurs...n spare Dingo the pain,he's my brother,i should be i have decided to blog on Jin's first night at my house =D

When we reach home, which was actually quite long, cos i forgot to get slurpie for my bro n had to turn bac at the playground. Jin was utterly pissed havin to stay in Mr bunny bag for shooooo long =D good news[no one likes mmiie], i have learnt the way of talk twit, but it is actually quite tiring, dont really know how they do it >.> [twit language:mmiie llurrvess JJinn] see how Jin's name becomes five letters? its a actually a way to wear out your keyboard I think =.=;;

so after dinner, the first thing i did was to do Jin's hoodie...ok...maybe not..i watched anime first._. but i did start on his hoodie!!! seriously, lendin me Jin is better den givin me his measurements...look.

Jin: =D

i m not complainin but model is certainly better than measurements...but i still have to take down his measurements soon, to make a decent shirt.

n i got reali sick of him playin with the extra lenght...its like indirectly tellin me i failed =.=; so i folded it up

Jin: D=

and the shirt was certainly in the i took it off..
n i told Jin:Toya liked this one is for Toya from Jin

Jin: reowr *kitty mode*

Jin can really do a better Kira den me if he loses the eyeliner, look at his anti-gratifyin hair. thats what Kira has...n something i can never do to mine =.=

and puttin on his shirt was too troublesome cos i know i need to remove it i did a make-shift bathrobe for him. my pillow is the best k >3


yea..thats generally a vacation look. >.>

And after a long long long longggggg while, i finally get him to settle down in his bunny bag with his pig =.= it was 11pm when he sleep...i bet he sleeps late if his mom always stay gotta adopt to my condition,Jin...this god daddy sleeps EARLY.

thats my computer chair. yes its DAMN BIG. my brother likes squeezin w me in that seat cos it is big n he gets to annoy me when i use my desktop[once in a while only, now that i have a lappi.]

yea...and that ends his night over at my house...i m in school now, not knowin any destruction that he might do *shuts eye* i dun think he will.

Currently i m so screwed in school right now...i have been slackin since 8am n i dun understand a single shit. note:cognitive was one of my strong module in sem 1...

this is NOT good. not good. goin to clanbluepanther faction meetin later...stupid ham...he got the wrong timin =.= i better get food, or i m gonna chop him up >3


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