Jin last night and mornin with me =D

I DREW IT dammit[ignore the trial parts]. no ones believes me right? i spent a hell lot of time perfecting it ._. but now i m not cosing fairytail anymore zzzz maybe some other time i will...maybe never >.>

Jin went home yesterday and that ended his stayover. i haven been bloggin since, but i have tons of picture now ^^ not really tons but u get my meaning.

been typing long posts nowadays hahaha look here>>

anyway..it was fun spendin time with Jin ^^ and cleaning him as well..hahaha
here are some pics XDXD

i told him he was going home and i threw the blanket on him.he wasnt really pissed he was actually quite sleepy and quiet.

he actually slopped. so i went out to watch tv.

hour later i came back and there he was hugging blankie.

Jin:This is my last night right? do i get a photoshoot?

he read my mind =.=;; so we took loads of picture in different angle..he posed no problem that night =D

to reward him i told him he can choose anything he can hug, and he really took what he can hug =.=;;

lets jus say i m glad he did not take the cash =D

and this few are the photos i took of him in my school =D

This was something i took after i finish taking his measurements

did i say Jin can pull off the ninja look?

i think maybe should do him a ninja set? hahaha...wait till my tailoring skills improves i guess haha ^^


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