Jin's forth night + rants

he's hot.but i thought his chest should be more slender....who drew this? i have no idea >.>

firstly...random rants from me.

number one. an all time favorite, BITCHES N SOCHII we never mix well..why m i bloggin? basically n i m bein outcast cos i m not a bitch.most probably F for today >.> big deal.

number two.FREAKIN UlCER! i look as if i have a tooth ache....bloody hell....my mout hurts so much. bitches were fuel to fire...i m annoyed...damn annoyed...

number three. THE RAIN. rain=cold....cold+school=double cold. double cold+flu= SUPER ANNOYING!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

so...in conclusion...1+2+3=4. 4=a furious sochii. dun try your luck...i m positively annoyed and ready to kill...this weather sux. i m beginin to hate my cls =D smartass...at least they took three weeks and on-goin. the last cls took one wk for me to hate them all.

i still hate fuckin bitches more. stare n stare, dun wan gimme work still wan diao me.

anyway....Jin's forth afternoon at my house, i gave him a washing.
his butt was full of stains and his whole body was slightly blacken. He seem quieter after washing, so i took the chance to steal his pig n wash it too. shit. its rainin =.=;; i wonder if my mom brought in the pig from hangin GAH!!=.=

anyway i replaced his pig with the eeyore beanie that Xuan gave me for my bdae, he seem contented and not complainin yet, and went to sleep. before that, we watch tv together...my mom din say anything bout me leavin Jin on the sofa alone while i went to bath.=D

this is after i finished bathin and made him let me take a picture. he wasnt that co-operative though.
Yes, thats his new hoodie. i finished sewin on the snap-ons =D

we were watchin some cop show. it was freakin funny. maybe thats why he was so absorbed. haha

i forgot to fold up his pants again and he played the extra length during the commercial break.


jus kiddin. he didnt lalala...but he looked quite happy playin with it though.

The show went throughout till quite late...so Jin actually lie down and watch...he was sleepy, but the show was nice =.= decisions decisions, he decided to take both.

sit properly,Jin. if you want to sleep, go into the room.

Jin:no. *fakes alert* i m not sleepy.


so i left him alone there until the show finished.

oh yea...n i jus found body samples of BnG....n HOMFG its HOT. BnG is less detailed den CP/LUTS dolls, but reali reali reali DAMN HOT. i cant wait for yuuto x3. i know this is a long post. but i m not bloggin THAT oftenly so jus keep reading ya?

anyway....i found piccies, so i m gonna upload them here...uberly HAWT . no point fannin since i m reali reali cold now >.>

Take a look at damien's body[owner crybabygirl777 of DOA]
HIS BODY[Sky] ONLY! his head is elf chiwoo BW.

the pretty mana from layla of DOA

Cillian[owner belladonna]
This picture made my day....Yuuto is gonna be a small cute hottie =D

This is a comparison of body by crybaby777 of DOA. LUTS n BnG body ^^


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