RAWR spamz 0.2

HA. finally have time to upload. so where have sochii gone nowadays? I M BUSY busy with batching...i think a person with bad memory like me shouldnt do batching...i keep asking people what they order from me >.> i muz have a good mind to write everything down on a piece of paper by monday...

today i went to find the tailor. stage image. FUCKING HELL it wasnt there =.=;; i wonder where has it gone. anyway i made Esteph and Kami ran around with a road idiot, namely ME. Tenma was late cos he went to get his precious new phone hahaha...so i decided i m goin to get all our costume from CGW. gotta go find preshie D= and i still haven sent the order for kaito and yuuto YET i m gonna do it after this. dammit. so busy so busy. i think i smell blood 0.o ok nvm.

anyway after the tailor thingy, me and Tenma went to get his headband from Pan-In-The-Box for his Kisame fishy cosplay. and den we went Golden Dragon to get my Kazuki bells. 90c each. freakin CHEAP. muahahaha....and den we went to shop around, got me new wigcap and den we saw oriental cloth. so we shared money to buy some. cos he need some for his sword bag and i wan some to yuuto a bag to put him in...if we have extra, i might consider making kaito one too...if not i'll....nah lets see if dingo wanna buy den >.> cos oriental cloth is fucking ex. ok i gotta go find pictures for kazuki and juubei costume T^T crap


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