GAH stupid...i cant upload any photos...furthermore i haven been bloggin properly >.> yes i noe i noe...*shoots everyone*

talking to Toya now on MSN...i feel so damn guilty...i must be the only one who hasnt visit her on her bdae...i got carried away for saving for Yuuto and stuff....yada yada...

now as i m bloggin, i m making poor lil wolfie work on my chart GAH i m shoooo sorry wolfie T^T i'll treat you to skatin ><;;

After fixes my photo problem, i'll jus have to leave all my weird photos for nex time...i need to get back to school work and chart but i feel shoooo damn lazy...

my skin condition is so bad =.=;; curses

missing Dingo,Tenma and peeps
oh yea....i miss Dingo T^T yea....not seeing him on msn...i missed ANNOYING addictive.
i miss sawa, yukihoshi, tenma and the other peeps....damn, i even miss Zander,to be honest.
good times....good times....but i'll be seeing Tenma this sat =D seein Dingo on 29 Oct and the rest of the peeps on 15 Dec XDD yes...and Zander too ._. i missed freakin him out...but i think i can only succeed in making him pissed now -shrugs- I still take him as Chibi-kun, but i know i m no longer his sempai. no biggie XDXD i still have my Dingo -hugs Dingo-

i m tired...been stalled in cls since 8am...i think i m half nuts...but i m amazed at my strong constituency XD i m teh man!!


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