as toya is currently goin over crazy DZ's HID, i m here to anticipate the arrival of my first kid. Yuuto. as you can see in the picture. but that is not him...its jus someone who looks like him, but holds a name SHARON.

I overspent on yuuto's stuff...but den i realise...dingo owes me $80, slothx owes me $53, dandelion owes me $30++, den some other girl owes me $10+++ for the bleach stuff and i have yet to claim $8.50 from huijin..but huijin one i not goin to claim yet....its of no importance, but i need my 80,53 and 30 odd. jus to let me feel that i m not fucking poor. kkthx. >.>

if i ever grow rich again, i'll pay partial for yoruko. its a promise.

but now. i have to pay for yuuto. screw the china supplier.....had to pay an extra of $130 odd >.> lucky i have enough to cover. fuck. thanks Icy for loanin~

TAGGED by toya

01. Person who tagged me: toya
02. Relationship with her: lovers,currently
03. 5 impressions of her: meef,short,guitarist,pfft,and some other funny actions
04. Most memorable thing done for me: bought me a new jacket on first month

05. Most memorable words for me: meef~
06. If become my lover: is
07. If become lover, things to improve are: >.>

08. If become enemy: wont ever happen
09. Reason become enemy: poked yuuto to death?
10. Most desirable thing to do for her/them now: get her her yoruko
11. Overall impression of her/them: good girlfriend

12. How I think people will feel about me: HUH?
13. The characteristic I love about myself: logical.
14. The characteristic I hate about myself: heartless
15. Most ideal person that I want to be:uh....lets see...i jus wanna be rich. thats all

16. Say something to the people you care about:uh,yea.
17. Pass on to 6 people who you want to know how they feel about you:
[1] Nut
[2] Jin

[3] Sho
[4] Dingo
[5] 死penguin

[6] Wilson
18. (6) relationship with you: cousins
19. (1) male/female: female
20. Is (4) studying: yea.
21. Last time you chatted with (3): last sunday.outin

22. (5) likes what music?: techno
23. Will I woo (3): he's..not....human...but i will if he becomes human size *runs from nut*
24. How about (1): thts..3's mom
26. Surname of (6): Lee
27. Hobby of (4): torturin things[last time] now~i wonder...
29. Something casual about (1): is always broke

30. Tried developing feelings for (3): ok. i love him.
31. (5) lives in: HDB flat.
32. What colour does (6): purple?? i mean his email does say unknownpurple~
33. Does (3) like (1): i.think so....they are a family 0w0

34. How I knew (2): Sec sch
35. Does (5) have pets?: 5 is a penguin
36. No (1)'s sexiest person: how should i know. i dun go probing asking her. NUT WHO DO YOU THINK IS SEXAY??

wtf >.>


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