Belated post

Orgy 13 is absolute love for how they look *inserts spastic emocon here*
but i only know a few...Axel,Demyx,marluxia n....i dunno >.> hohoho~~

anyway i have damn belated picture hohoho from my stay at preshie's house~~

our dinner only, we cooked it XDXD

This is the scallop and eggs XD
we pop the scallop into the oven...maybe it was too cold and it turned into a cute lil flare out scallop, way cuter den picture, me n preshie were laughing like hell..
I cooked the eggs XDXD nice sunny side up hohoho, beside the egg is tons of mayonaise which got attacked by ants when we wanted to leave it out for supper >.>

nex up is the crabmeat and campbell soup with rice ^^/ it was delicious hohoho
Mine has more rice thus the picture of mine only
the bowl beside the crabmeat was preshie's not much rice seen >.>

and lastly is the horror of campbell right its suppose to be THICK n CREAMY...but no....campbell gave us a was THICK,CLUMPY,and not creamy at all...its almost like a PASTE. wth?


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