Day Out at Botanic Garden

Day out to botannic gardens with Jin, Preshie, Nut, Sho and Peachy. XDXD

it was bloody hot =.=;;; i had ice-cream though =D my favorite flavors, lime sorbet AND strwberry, uber awesome XD had donuts too XDXD but that was when we went to huijin's house...

and we saw something DAMN funny...campus superstar and superstar finalist doin NEW YEAR SONG mv. the funniest thing is Darren...he was caught yawning by US! hahaha *laughs at his damn stun face* i dun like him anyway...

okay. on to pictures XDD

First up...our ever cutesy PEACH...he should like become the spokesman for botanic.

btw he is wearin Yuuto's new wiggy.

Next up is our attitude young man SHO hahah
new wig, new shirt, new choker. same old attitude >.>

Yes ppl...Sho stood steadily for the first time in the shoot....the first time he stood, he was unstable...he scared the four of us by falling...holy..

And den Peach decided to join in and pose to XDXD he has absolute zero problem with standin...lower center of gravity maybe?? hahhaa

This was taken in the Mist Room ^^/ when they were letting out the mist.

Sho's first open shirt shoot in the mist...came out pretty awesome, like i wanted it to XDXD... oh yea...peach n Sho got harassed >( not by me. by strangers. wth....

and HoOhMyFuckinGod!!! Sho looks like Elf Ducan from this angle....i HEARTZ

Peach got caught in the mist too XDXD but he looked like he got caught in the snow 0w0

We decided that it was time to go home and I took a picture of Sho and Peach together on the bus. nicesu angle XDXD

and this ends the day with Sho's individual pic

sittin on my bag =.= with a cocky attitude...well done Sho. one of my fav pics too XD

Sankyuu for viewin XDXD DUN COPE PICTURES!!! nah jus kiddin. take take take...


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