Random spamz 0.3

My absolute love. Ayame Souhma...if i had to choose, i'll marry him. even if he is a freakin snake.....

ok...i have TONS of pictures from the weddin but guess what. i m too piss to even post =.= this wk has been ridiculous.

First, i m walkin like i m on physiotherapy thanks to some trainin >.> guys' style. ha.ha.ha. i like it, but not the aftermath.

second, some dumb cheena cat screw up. well done. she better return my money or i'll.....there's nothin much i can really do can i? preshie help T^T
well, i m feelin annoyed...by my laptop....which cant bloody show what QQ is trying to tell meh =.= good lord....

n jus yesterday...i scared myself silly with a blog call time took away...i went homfg retard face. i nitpick alot bout bowling. fucking shit. dun stand hole teh damn ball that way while waitin for pins to load =.= you wan your wrist to dislocate faster? and swing FORWARD not sideways like a pro-wannabe >.> i bet that ball went nicely down the gutter *plonk*

ok that aside...EOY is coming closer i m freakin. kkthx i need no more comments from more idiots....
playing w ems is more fun den i thought...i cant help but go to the page every 5 hours jus to giggle at webpage. yes i GIGGLE, but note...i giggle INSANELY. you wont like to hear me giggle anyway, i creep myself out.

I WANT MORE SLEEP. i realise yokoyoko is very dangerous to put at night...true enough it gives you the burnin and healing sensation, but if you leave it on in a room cooled by fan...good luck >.> i feel like i was sleepin in aircon room for two fucking days. yes, I HATE AIRCON. shoot me. i m easily frozen-ed >.> mah engrish sux. dun nitpick bout it or get lost.

i wan see the clothes huahua made.....COME QUICKLY YUUTO!!! once he comes, i can send his measurements, den i can get his clothes soon....hohohoho


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