EOY is comin...saturday...two more days left. shirt NOT DONE. shoes NOT DONE. hair cloth NOT DONE. stress level HIGH. wait. scratch that. STRESS LEVEL MAXED-OUT .

anyway i decided not to edit jubei's costume cos its looks fine on me other den being oversized ._. emishi's costume is on the way, my mom is working on it. so yep. left mine.
this is one fuckin bad habit of mine....i finish things for everybody first n put myself at the side >.>

its true yea??? i finished peachy's , Sho's, mitsuki's, reikyoku, kureya scarves and NON FOR YUUTO. wth??? speakin of him. i haven do the costume for yuuto yet. ok. maybe he might drop it. wig wasted *sells* nah, i'll try will try...

n here i still have to BLOG? wth??? i think there muz be something wrong with me...i haven even enter ALL the contacts into my phone yet ya?? god......

tmr i hope i'll be more relaxed...OH YEA. juubei's needles GREAT just GREAT. i'll jus finish them i tonight i think >.>

i hate humans. reali...i do >.>


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