Fuck Post

ok peeps, lets keep the first paragraph clean. this is jus a warning to all those out there..THIS IS GOIN TO BE ONE HELL OF A F-ING POST. when i say that, i mean it will really appear alot. and why is that so?? cos I m pissed. early mornin at 9.52 I M PISSED. anyway, the pretty up there is Nuriko from fushugiyugi, and yes, I know he's pretty, BUT HE"S DEAD. so excuse me while i move his corspe to my coldroom. and hands off before i smack you silly. dun tempt fate. when i m angry i mean it.

OK first, lets start from yesterday. i couldnt get the costumes and stuff...fuck. nvm, bdae girl double wins, i have no say =X this paragraph is with no harm intended YET. so i wonder how is she gonna send the wig in time. well her prob.

ok secondly, jubei was late. AGAIN. well i m pretty use to it anyway >.> i wait for him half the time anyway. and god fuck. we spent 3 fucking hours and we only got him a haircut. this is total disaster.....i m thinkin if it doesnt work, we'll get some visors or we can ditch it. well jubei WASNT fucking blind before he fought kazuki anyway >.>

and den i fucking never eat dinner, fucking stayed up late which resulted in this fucking day. my eyes were fucking swollen thanks to the weather, its was fucking cold this morning, which made me fucking delusional and resulted in my fucking brain to come up with a fucking stupid idea. wallk to the fucking stupid school in this fuckin call weather GAH. fuck. after that I have no choice and had to finish the journey....*DESK*

den i reach fucking cls, had fucking UT, had to put up with fuckin twits,and this makes my fucking annoyed day. i dun even want to know what is fucking installed for me after school. I GIVE UP. my eyes are like still fucking pain and i had to do the fucking useless piece of shit test with my eyes either closed or half closed.

WORST of all, my ice-skating thing got cancelled. wala. its means total torture for me. I have to face another day of school. i wan this christmas to be over ASAP. i m sick of everything >.> sometimes, i really think that those who sleep in coffins are fucking lucky. like, the dead dun do anything and the undead do whatever they want. this sux.

this ends my fucking post. THANKS LOTS. i cant skip today either cos i'll get a fucking F, isnt it fuckin fice for a fay fike fhis? fu-ck. i love agito.

one picture of the god who looks after me and my attitude

kkthxbb. this concludes one episode of my fucking life. K THX. no more stress!!! i gotta go prepare for EOY, KL badminton trip and Doll affair. fuck yuuto, i have to do his fucking costume too.


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