uh yea i m back

no picci. i m too lazy.

ok. so i was back like a few days ago but i din bother to blog. WHY? cos i was fucking sick =.= teaches me not to play outdoor theme park in a RAINING FOG. me n my badminton friends has deicided.
the deadliest ride in the theme park was THE TEAPOT. why? cos if you are enthu in playing it, you'll experience hurling and extrem dizziness after 15minutes of maniac laughing and spinning the wheel at top speed.
the most fun one, in my opinion was the umbrella, cos i played that in the raining fog.
The most ghastly one was spaceshot. holy. i cant feel the seat when i came down. space teleportation designed for butt.
the most wrong one was the cockscrew. some rollercoaster. but why is it wrong? cos my rollercoaster partner,Matthew, kept shouting SCREW ME RYAN[my friend who was sittin at the front].i lol-ed.

i bought a bunny bag[been wantin it for VERY long], a burberry wallet[for mommy], burberry styled pink tie[needs alteration] and a shirt with a shimmer bear[very cute, have no idea why i bought it.]

oh yea. and my greatgranddad died. at age of 91. one of the reasons why i couldnt blog. was speeding in between two countries, msia and singapore. met my fav msia cousins, kiat siang, chang siang, ru yi. nice ppl. dun look like 15,14,12 >.> look like 18,16,14. dammit. i feel old =.=

whatelse....oh yea. christmas's coming. i m thinkin of goin over to Dingo's to celebrate. if anyone wants to find me on 25, yea, jus look for me at pasir ris i think. oh yea, early christmas wishes to all ^^.

and den.....er.....lets se.....i had....somthing i wanna share.....OH YEA OH YEA. i started readin novels. cos i bought a YAOI NOVEL FROM MSIA. isnt that like total love? SGD2.50 ONLY. the story went straight through my heart, no crying, but straight through and clutched it. am readin my mom's novels now. kinda interesting when you dun have lappy to use. oh yea, need to collect debts....ppl...pay up pls ><;;;

haven got time to let yuuto use the lappi to blog...zzzzz maybe when school reopens den =3 he looks more guyish in his brown fur wig =3 oh dear. i jus washed and rehighligted his blond wig with purple streaks. looks nicer and more christmasy den the copper brown streaks ^^v

uhhhhhh lets seee.....i have no idea what i wanna say.....i feel like sleeping already =.= damn sun. i think i m still dizzy from afternoon. the sun killed me. we buried my greatgrand pa. NOT CREMATE, we BURIED. well, he's the old man. some respect people. he is not a waste of space. he PAID for it. fuck.

i wanna go back to my chinese novel. yes i know it kills some of your puny brains, but i m smart remember? i have more brain cells to lose >.>

oh yea, lastly happy belated bdae to 紫龙妹妹 once again. no matter what day it is your 玉龙哥哥 will always treat you like a princess whenever he can ^^


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