and sochii is puzzled..... ._.

yesh yesh, i jus read her blog n i m pretty puzzled.

uh...let jus say that her whole chunk was directed at me.

to the first three paragraphs. FREEDOM OF SPEECHE!!!! you have no idea how much sochii loves this paragraph.

ah are not the best and neither am i...jus that i think CHIBI AND KAWAII is not the correct description. nex time you can try good. " i might look good in this uniform" mayb that wont arouse any of my stupid comments.

how do you know he isnt?you=mind reader? ok...maybe he desnt bother about the past anymore, but sochii likes giving aftermaths comments. and what he mentioned to me jus gave me something something to blog bout. like i said to ayu, i dont hate either of you, jus that i m nuts and i cant stand some of the things.

i can say something about tenma too =3 i think he is too childish sometimes and disturbs too much.

but i never really rejected anyone in reality before. i still let tenma disturb me, and den start poking him online when i think he disturbs too much, sometime i even tell him he is gettin annoying... esp that thank you sochiisama, the scarf is nice x infinte, the bag ish nice x infinte and etc.

i like you too =3 i like EVERYONE, jus that i cant stand the way you do some of the things. its life. its obvious you cant take my negative comments, dont say it until like you can and you cant take comments on others. i cant take negative comments too, cos i m to egoistic and a nacsar...whatever you call that. i cant spell.

and there you said it. you came to me for help? no. you went through tenma, i have never ever heard from you =D so there you go. i have NEVER scorned you. whatever that meant..i like scones though...and sweets and cakes and cookies and kiyomi's gonna get me some during the shoot +D

ah yes...the matters of heart...its me n toya, its unexplainable...*stones* i dont really wanna go back to the times i cant talk properly and had to watch my words...but i cherished all the happy moments...*sends a rabu heart to toya* she's still my wife in name...


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