another blaue rozen piccy =3

i have never thought of doin this before, apparently there was too much to reply at my board, so i have to take my time replyin.

toya>>> =A= i thought you knew i was egoistic!! hohohoho~~ yep third child. its either a handsome one or a super cute one...i cant really make up my mind yet *looks through children adopting book* its hard. but not that soon....i gotta pay off my debts first =.=;;;; oh and yes, i love you too.

kuro>>>SERIOUS??? she still ish??? seriously. i thought she had this thing at the end of her every post saying get out of my life or something like that...i thought that was directed at wolfie =3

kiyomi>>>ah yes, the freedom of speeche, dont we all love that. actually i love it the most. cos it actually show who doesnt mind what you think and stands by you as a real friend.

Devila>>come on love. you haven known me for very long. ask around, Sochii doesnt know when to stop, sochii doesnt swallow her words. all my friends know that, they put up with it, they earn my respect. if they dont, they leave and i still have friends. take a look around =3 i have no lack of friends seriously. even if one day i dont have anymore left, i'll still have my family and death. but i doubt i wont have any friends. i know a few will stick by me no matter what i say, even if tried to kill them. like say....Dingo, toya...and a few others...i'll still have one friend X3

i did not remember who you are until you post the second one, nex time use ayu, its so much easier. once again, lookie here. i treat everyone as a friend, even if i m not happy with the way they function...ask around, do i hate anyone? no, not really. i like everyone. okay except for malay bimbos, bangalahs, and smelly indians...i m racist =D no not really, just slightly.

YAY! intelligence! are askin me to believe you[someone whom i rarely talk to and have never met] over toya[my ex girl and someone whom i have kissed more den once?] ok.....maybe so i believe you, but fyi toya NEVER lies to me...even now, after we broke up she never lies to me....maybe she keeps things from me, but she never lies[to me, i know she does to her mom,so do i sometimes].

bottomline is, what you have done is in the past, i dont mind and i dont care. i just wanted to bring it up because i think that it wasnt a right action..and you might think i m nuts and stuff, but i really view vamp honor as a impt thing, even i think i m nuts. so yea. this is my personal view too, flame or not its for you to decide. =3 g'day XD


obviously SOMEONE has been reading my blog and hasnt been taggin it X3 me no likes stalker. me applaud those in me tagboard including devila...thats what the tagboard ish for, and this is an open blog...freedom of speech!!! thank you *bows*


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