As Promised

i jus took the bed pictures this mornin *headache* as promised to tsuyin...even though kazuki said it was bad for children hohohoho

me: yuu-dear~
yuuto: yes mom?
me: i need to take half-naked pictures
yuuto: 0.0 FOR WHAT?!
me: its a promise to your tsuyin aunt nyaaaaa XDXD

yuuto: no.
me: =A= why?
yuuto: cos you are having fun out of doin this too
me: awwww come on~~
yuuto: no.

so i resorted to taking it in the mornin XDXD

yuuto sleeping~~~

me: wake up yuu-dear~~~
yuuto: it...
me: 6.40am =D

yuuto: *sits up*... ... ..
me: =D *snaps*
yuuto: why are you taking me half naked?
me: =D

after that he looked a little pissed in this piccy and i decided to let him sleep in and not bring him to school today =X


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