A few MORE photos

All photos were taken by Kazuki's phone OTL i got ko-ed by a 3.2 phone. its unbelievable, but look how much prettier the piccies are....

he smiled slightly for kazuki's canm...WTF? *strangles kazuki*

Every wonder how good is yuuto? he is this good =D HE CAN STAND ON ONE LEG. any challengers?

oh yea. was chatting with kazuki bout ramune jus now...n look what i have copied from his MSN convo ohhohoho kazuki you ero jiji!
*slight editin to name*
<<~Kenneth~>> says:
ramune come to me....~~~~ come to papa...daddy will promise to pop u upside down

Counting down--- 11days
countin down to school hols--- 2 days
counting down to yuuto's new clothes--- few hours, i'll probably miss the mail.


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