i absolutely love 红孩儿。。。why cant they make him this cool in the real human show???

right at this moment, i m unglamly sitting on my bed bloggin and having a hangover without alcohol....this is bad...i should stop outings with kazu-kun...we are planning to nehway....two days in a row has killed our lame cells =D

yesterday it was random chatting which leads him to TELEPORTING his ass over to RP. quote from Kazu-kun: i m teleporting my ass over, remember to catch it. i broke up into spastic laughter and couldnt reply him XD

when he came, he brought food again even though he ate jus to feed me =.=llll after that we crap a little and went to walk around..and....kazu-kun tried his FIRST cheesecake XDXD thanks to my influence =D i m a savior/destroyer of cakes XDXD after that we couldnt make up our mind where to go as RP ish soooooo lousy, so we went over to teh library. and lame-d there. it was damn funny, there's this librarian having PMS, and was asking everyone to talk softly even though we are already talking very softly. that seriously got kazu-kun and he became annoyed and did all sort of weird stuff and weird faces behind the librarian hahaha...we slacked there for quite a while and were very tired *pats pats kazu-kun* and we took a weird picture of him and edited it into a wanted poster =D i'll put it in the next post i think...

after that, the library wanted to close so we head on to CWP and walked around randomly....The House seems to be a nice show *is interested in watching* but i gotta stablize my finance first....oh wells~~~ after that we did some lam-ing in MosBurger and den we head on home =3 it was bout 10.30pm when i got home LOL....

m having a shoot later~~~i cant wait =D i'll be prancing around i think...too active le > <

listening to- Start of something new
mood- nyappy as toya would say


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