I dont think you have gotten the point....


goes to show what i think off people who cant read.

okay listen up.

first honey>> i dunno what the hell you are trying to say.. wad do you mean by not talkin what about what...AH, forget it. i dunno wanna waste my time on this. you wan tenma to ask me to stop bloggin bout this[kuro told me], i m. so there. show's over.

nex devila>>wad say wad mean things HUH? i think we are on a different frequency here. den again, whatever. its over, show's over. kkthx, i dun wanna bring things up. see you on cosfest, pls state your budget for our pretty uniforms on the thread. thanks.

lastly toya-dear>>> ah yesh....finance....maybe you can ask all companies to stop producing new dolfies =3 maybe that might help my finance....DOI luke...i love to hate it and i hate to love it. damn damn damn.



mistaken identity. lemme REPHRASE what i have to say.

devila>>so you are married to honey, and you are covering for her. bottomline, i dont care, cant bother and everything has end. so stop, before i get really really annoyed.


Seriously people, STOP TAGGING BOUT THIS EPISODE ALREADY. show's over. toya's angry already. and fucking shut up already before i get angry too and no. i m not angry now, jus that somehow only BIG and HUGE words can catch people's attention if only there were bigger fonts >.> i would have used it. damn blogger. damn.



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