yes, i m here to rant about Mr Lappi AGAIN. its stupid. he has NO CHINESE!!! anyone wants to tell me how to get chinese? =w=lll i cant dwload from the official microsoft cos my school degraded my windows to....well its still windows XP but cant download the damn simplified chinese.....

like i say. its call the TERMINATING DESK.
not helpdesk.

I have to look up a few sites and bookmark them all over a again.....troublesome....oh well. at least it works now....making funny noises too. NEHWAY. 12 days X 24 hours X 60mins X 60seconds. the time is KILLING ME. *breathes in* i need something to distract me. seriously..but i m hardly distracted from LIFE. =A=llll welll i need yuuto's new clothes to come in soon so that i can get piccies and maybe that would distract me...

did i mention EVERYTHING WAS GONE from my laptop? yes. thats what you get for not backing up. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PHOTO. i feel so emo....LOL not. emo is NOT my style. lucky mr Lappi made a good friend name mr Harddrive. mr Harddrive took care of Mr Lappi's kids while he went for an operation due to the poor brain. mr Lappi has ALOT of kids, that i can assure Documents, Pictures, Company, MVs and etc etc.

i m currently installing ALOT of things in again. i realise i do not even have the basic school items....this is shit. well, its loading up and ready for war i guess, AGAIN. i need to re-download GE. i m so detached from there +A+

my apologies to Tsuyin...i have got to taking photos of yuuto....due to mr Lappi's operation...been so busy bout it. i'll take a picture of his half nekkid body with nice sexy black long hair~~*without the two bun bun on his head*

counting down--- 12 days
counting down to hols---3 days
counting down to brain damage---lost count =D


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