Last minutes

This is one of Konlin's boy, Jin[仁]。she complained bout him being not being able to look manly like Sho =3 hahaha....

anyway LAST MINUTES. yesh. sochii hates last minutes. but sochii always does things last minutes. somehow....last minute order, last min go out, last min confirm....but Sochii really hates last minutes....

and now i have to do something very last minute cos wolfie asked last minute. THANKS GUYS *pokes tenma and kuropon* now i m hoping i can move fast enough to make it in time =3 gehhhhhhh

after reading kiyomi's[did i get the name right =.=;;;], kuropon's and tenma's blog, i was very very VERY unhappy. but den again i feel that there is no need to say so much.I just write what i think here, i told this to tenma too =3

i think that Pui Hung[or was hong? who cares] has no assets AND beauty to be two-timing tenma. although tenma is as nutritious as she is, at least tenma has some looks. and this Pui person doesnt. ok she does...she has a equally revolting attitude to match her look.
This might look like some speech revenge for Tenma, but seriously, those who knows Tenma knows that he needs no such shit. I m jus placing my thoughts here.
and I find it totally needless to lock my blog/post for view =3 cos she oughts to know X3. of course this has nothing to do with kuropon and kiyomi, they need their privacy =3

gonna meet tenma and kazu-kun later =3 and i forgot to bring serene's shirt again ._. how nice. and i never bring kazu-kun's shirt either, cos i dun have enough time. sowwie ._. i seem to keep owe-in ppl shirts...weird hahahahaha....

ok i better get back to business or i'll suffer the wrath of the brother wolves. tell me again why is being a vampire master so hard nowadays?


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