kiyomi-nee, also known as charchar =X

she's leaving. tonight. if I say that I am not sad, i m lying. if i say that i dont need anyone to console me, i m lying. but there are people out there who feels the pain more than me, thats why i must be stronger. kuro and tenma are both very miserable now and i had to encourage tenma yesterday. If this is what it leads to, i would rather not have a party on sat night, then nee-chan wouldnt have to leave. but what must come have come. i promised nee-chan, i'll be right here. right in this place, waiting for her when she gets back.

oh god shit. i feel like crying now. ok i m in school *breathes* HOKAY.neechan, me and yuuto will be right here. if you ever need to find me, TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCE! internet. and you can pass msges through the peeps even if you cant find me =3 cakie! me will buy and share cakie with nee-chan when nee-chan comes back. NEBER forget Sochii!

nehway, i spent almost one day cleanin up my room =3= this sucks. i hate cleaning. and its half done =A=llll cos i threw it aside and spent the night crappin with kazuki online, working and chatting with Jin,Presh and talkin to tenma bout tonight. I wanna go!!!! but i cant....bon-voyage kiyomi-nee, and remember to come back!!!! if not i'll personally fetch you from aussie, provided i have cash....*goes to do extensive parttime till drop dead*

yuuto is back and cute...AND pink. he made his debut to everyone once again on SOY. absolute pinkish-ness. gonna take a few shots of him half naked and sexy when i reach, as a promise to Tsuyin hahaha ^^ but kazuki protested and say its not good for the child, welll i rebutted by saying he's a star XDXD nah. yuuto is not as egoistic as muaz. kkthx LOL

its the last wk of my first yr. i cant wait for it to go past =D gonna be working my ass off very very soon =3= i hope.

counting down--- 14days
counting down to flight---less den 12 hours....


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