New year

THIS is yours truly. aka ME. and yes, i have cut my hair. sorry to all those out there who have liked my long hair and physco-ed me into leaving it long. i still like my prince look better...

well this picture. sorta rebornn wannabe i think >.> i have a L-wannabe in my friendster....gawd! i m a wanna be T^T

anyway, i threw up this afternoon at suntec. imagine that. throwin up in front dozenz of ppl....god. DAMN UNGLAM CAN? suer paiseh =.= my body rejected the green apple pudding, i cant help it ._.;;; i m sorry to my mom for helpin me to clean up and sorry to my uncle who was treatin me...i couldnt eat anything after i threw up....acid burn throat.... this is the THIRD time i threw up so unglamly in my whole life. the first time was during CNY when i was 7 years old, the second time was when i was about 11yr old, i threw up on a taxi cos i was sick and i still insisted on goin for swimming lessons.....i m a water person so cant reali blame me...i like the pool ALOT.

anyway about the TDA. i still dun have pictures *getting annoyed* kkthx.
and yuuto will not be home until 26. GAH/

i m goin to go GE-ing *kanna virus from Chiaki*


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