oooooo bitch/troll/spam WHATEVER. sochii read and sochii was scared!!!. seriously i cant give a hint damn about it. i said it has ended, you guys chose to troll on. waawawawawawawawawa i m amazed. sometimes i really think that i cant converse with stupidity. there. i've earn me more enemies. good. i need to balance out enemies and friends cause i have too many friends. i love my job.

anyway, this is yuuto's halfdone faceup....n i still have something to complain bout =.= i dont like the bottom eyeliner. ish thick. nehway, we'll see what chiakiki has to say =D

sometimes the heat is just toooooooo much for ppl to handle...I LIKE HELL'S KITCHEN. the master chef is way cool, his saying goes by: IF YOU CANT STAND THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! you should have seen him thrown chefs out of the kitchen and demote them to service. its was A-W-E-some. i wish i can do that sometimes...the first person i'll throw out of the kitchen will be toya, a natural disaster. =.= we might end up eatin meals on stitch plates with stitch culteries....


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