random thoughts~~

omg....this ish a mangosteen!!! *stuckup city bumpkin mode* i m serious..i din know it was...i was like omg cute!! den i picked it up and asked my mom: Ma what lai de? ...my mom was watchin tv: mangosteen. i was like =A=/ i love mangosteen....i m a fruit person =3 i eat almost all kinds of fruits wahahahahaha

ok i had some random thoughts on my way to school...its kinda funny...but i m not gonna share them here...cos its my funny thoughts and i shall keep them to me. its bout the mindset of human race, those who know me well, you might most probably decipher what i m thinkin of..i say it alot of time or hint it alot of times =3

nehways....i went out to NUS yesterday den i thought i got lost cos i saw SP =w= i never knew SP is so close to NUS...dang~! i saw my son and wife =w=/ as in my son y2. SERIOUSLY. toya is obviously out to get me, first ish liang teh now ish liang sweets. hate to love love to hate hate and love GAH. nehways, why i call my son y2, cos i keep on callin yuuto yoruko. damn thingy. now yoruko shall be know as experiment y2. *sniffs*

nehway...i m goin to the hosipitali with kazu-kun later ._. his grandmama has depreshin, and took ten sleepsleep pill. haish. even grandmama nowadays get depreshin.....thish ish badded.

nehnehway, i got approved to wear my red extension =D i cant wait for the shoot. somehow i m being motivated to study nowadays by soon guan =A=lll maybe its a good thingy...i guessh


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