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[quote=willow] I'm starting work at Nanyang University soon... Maybe starting work on 2 January... Meef~ I'll be earning money to spoil Yoruko.. A little... Not a lot... Or I'll have a hard time trying to rein him... XD

SOCHII... He's your son too... You need to help me rein him in if he goes out of control... XDD I think he'll most probably inherit that madness streak from me... Lol~

shoot me. i have been using too much forum postin in CF that i m addicted o quotin things like that.

i haven been able to get her online, so this is teh only way to get her attention. kind heated ppl, go forth and inform her =3

workin at nanyang technology university?? WHEN??? n thus being usually annoyin i shal go disturb her.

LOL he's YOUR SON too. n i was hopin he wont play too much with dangerous weapon >.> at least we have a decent brain-ed kid in our family!!! *pokes yuuto*


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