This is a picture i have during kiyomi-nee shoot =3

NEHWAY.yesterday was fun, and i m not referrin to the SOY. >.> soy was plain boring...gah. wadever...dont like it. HUIJIN!!! QUICKLY RETURN MY CLOTHESS!! I WAN BRING TO MALAYSIA WEAR DE!!!
now i m wondering if my punk shirt will ever come.....

kazuki came around 11am to my place and my dad drove us there.
met xuan,jin, preshie and the others. OMG so long no see xuan XDXD and i forgot all teh new ppl i meet ._. sorry man....and HOMFG!!! bryan was like a freakin PRETTY ANG MOH LADY, my bryan! hands off or i'll bite you all...*mumbles mumbles*

after that, me and kazu-kun left at 2pm and head on to m5 royalmusic. i was so tired that i slept on his shoulder, and he still couldnt stop crapping...*cant sleep* and we kept talking bout a $10 bet. inside joke. i m not gonna tell anyone, but for all those who wanna know, the joke haven ended yet and kazuki is goin quite broke now ever since i started that joke hahahah. after that we looked around for m5, den we finally found it and my appointment is at 5pm =A= lucky i did not have to wait till 5pm if not i'll scream. The dude talked to me and there was no mention of cash AT ALL. holy. he requested me to send my portfolio, thats all. but i dont think i have any decent photos. and i will not spend any money to decent ones. either they take me or lose me. i dont care.

den me and kazu-kun head on to clarke quay, and den.....kazu remember he forgot his shoe bag. smart~~~ so we called around and finally decided to ask rukia to pass to tenma. ah ha. simple and easy since tenma and kazuki is in the same school. After settling that we walked around and bought ramune and he ate at Yoshinoya, while i spent my time tryin to get the marble up.In the end i got really pissed and i brought down the heel of my platform on the bottle and it splitted....god damn. i should have done that right from the very start. i did not realise i was that strong. den the marble went to kazuki of course~in memory of his first ramune *i paid for it,he jus DRANK*

den we head on to douby ghaut where we wait till 7 and where kazuki got his second hug from tenma hahahahaah!!! when kiyomi-nee came, we head on to her house and play XDXD it was fun~~ tenma got me to sit on his shoulders and he carried me up. i was like HOLY HOLY HOLY!!AHHHHH!!!! that was sooooo unglam. but good enough. we all had fun. and tenma scared me by faking to throw me off his shoulders T^T. I also got kazuki to swim me around. with him walking and me sitting on him XDXD muahahahaha, dingo was laughin spastically thanks to effect of honey and sparkling juice, he was high. did i mention the excess singin of char char from me and kuro?? if not now i m talking bout it. and YESH kiyomi nee wont hear the lastof it from ME.

char char char char char char char~~~~~~

after that me,kazuki, icy and dingding took the taxi home, we dropped icy and dingding at the nearest station and head on to my place. crapped alot again on the way home~~

after that i waited with kazuki for his bus ><;; gomen ne, let oyu take bus i take taxi T^T cos i had to rush home~~ hahaha ^^lll i got dragged up at 9+am this morning to pack my room. HAIZ~~~i need to go and pack up more was worth it anyway =3= cos i get to go nee-chan's place and play muahahahahaha XDXD


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