I wanted to load a picture from com. den i realise, my com got degraded till dont know what extend.....i give up. my lappi is finally in total crapsation....i cant even find CHINESE to type in...oh boy...oh boy...

anyway, today i skipped another of studies thanks to yesterday's reformattin. sooooo yea. i m pretty much wanting to die at the HELPDESK. jeff and me agreed that it was the terminating desk. so i pretty much waited since 9am. read kindaichi cases manga, restring yuuto regardless f the HOMFG faces. i pretty much stoned there until kazu-kun came.

after he came we went off to have lunch, ditching my stupid com at the IT helpdesk. after that we roamed around before feeling lazy and slop on the library tables which was near the helpdesk and begin TEH laming session XDXD there were a few memorable phrases to counter FUCK YOU. let me start with kazuki's one first.

me: fuck you la...
kazuki: er no you dont wanna do it here
me: *spastic laughter*
kazuki: or you wanna go somewhereelse?
me: *died of laughter*

after that we crap alot and waited for tenma to come.

next is tenma's version. i did not scold him it was jus random thing he said after i told him bout kazuki's wrong words.

tenma: ohoh i have got a better one. "fuck you" "promise? "

me and kazuki LOL-ed damn hard on the way to the traffic light.

after that we went to CWP's banquet for dinner, we sang our way there and kept on singin after dinner. it was kinda fun, until Tenma has to leave. so we head on to the station. After we said goodbye, cos tenma had to take a bus we went up and Kazuki formed a weird idea. he dared me to take the train from woodlands to marina and back to jurong east. hell yea, i took it on, it was fun anyway, but lesser crapping more sense talk, cos we were both quite tired from almost one full day of it hahaha

on the way back, kazuki's mom called, missed call. I think its due to the sweet i gave him, too much sugar. haha...when he called back, before the mom picked up, he was like i m dating,dont call me mom! hahaha, but of course it was a different story when the MOM picks up. The mom even questioned whether he was with me hahaha!!! he was like no one beside..shhh, talk later. hahahaha cute =X oh yea did i mention his singing voice? if not i m gonna say again, total heartbreak to listen to him sing. but it puts a smile too.

oh yea, kiyomi nee wrote a letter for me toooo =3 ish happy *dance* i'll wait and BE A GOOD BOY. i will~

good luck for your test kazu-kun~~

counting down: 12 days


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