WHY SOCHII oh god why =.=

hahahaha i like the second one. i hate you all(alot)
anyway, my love is up there, gaara....ok...mayb i might let yuuto cosplay garaa but that sorta mean i'll have to draw on his face...well...maybe water colour pencils will save me....maybe it wont...cause i procrastinate and end up not letting him do it...like wad happen to his juubei costume....its still rotting a a corner of my room
as in the stack of cloth.

some of you might ask, HOLY its 5.50am in the morning, was is sleepy head sochii doin awake?!
my answer to you, REFLECTION JOURNAL. my cultural teacher must be on of the most stupid creature in the whole wide world. WHO THE HELL OPENS RJ SUBMISSIONS AT 12AM IN THE MORNING?! shes nuts....and guess what...the RJ ends later at 9am....means if i do not wake up and do means i m DEAD MEAT. fucking stupid teacher. i wanted to email her, but i realise i dun fucking remember her name =D all i know is how to call her faci faci....truthfully, i do not remember ANY of my 2nd sem's facilitators name....its too much of a hassle and I hate them all....so far the faci i remember from first yr are only karen and rachel,two nice ladies, other then that, i hate the rest >.>

-deleted cause toya said it was childish-

so yep. that about all of it...i m done for the mornin...i'll blog later if i find something interesting....

oh yea...my first son isnt back yet...i think i m gonna cry =.=


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