4th day of sickness

4th day. no ppl. i m still sick. n i feel like throwin up =.= well when i m coughin that is. but on worries. that happens often.

my thanks goes out to ppl who asked about my sickness and people who cared~namely the wolfpack[kiyomi, tenma], darryl[dariru], my wife toya, kazuki, a few others and last but not least the person who chatted with me since day one, yukihoshi. and he is still talkin to me at this moment. yes. and i would like to sincerly kick DINGO into the pacific ocean for not botherin at all. comeon =.= your TWIN VAMP BRO HERE IS SICK. yes, i love attention, shoot me.

i think i may be goin for trainin later......figures. but i'll sit out i guess. =3=

me need more moolah. cos me decided to cosplay kanda afterall XD


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