CNY 4th day

my brother using umpteen of straws to drink.=.= i think he tryin to outdo my normal two straws routine taught by kent

nehway, ytd i went to Kazuki's to get ang bao. LOL. slacked and sang and ate at his place for quite a while. den we played mahjong w his mom and brother.
scores, yijie x 2, me x 2, mom x 1, bro[final game den win] LOL!!! most amusing.
after that i slacked and crapped with kazuki all the way till 6 plus den i went over to my cousin's[eugene]

later goin to library with him again. gotta finish up the Magician's guild. very nice book. but its funny. i think that book is interesting but if i think in my weird sense of logic and crap. i think that book is myth-y LOL.myth-y as in what they potrayed, not what they are. its the same thing like i believe that werewolves were pets of vampires, never enemies. maybe the world cant accept my logic afterall XD

*sneezes* its a nice day isnt it? *kicks kazuki into the drain* ... *hears screams* ah. the nice day~ *kicks dingding into the drain too* its unbelievably nice ^______^


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