pic spam ahead. i jus realise i have never let yuu dear make his debut in SGcafe dolfies yet. with his new faceup.....cos my cam is screwed. and no way i can use a phone cam for good pictures/ so i decided to make the blog readers suffer instead XDXD

ok on with it. new yr eve pickatures.
my cousin[father's side], ernest
yuuto at the hotel table. he was quite a charm
my cousin,fiona, and her new penguin. she has one huge collection.
my cousin and her....*coughs* boyfriend.
more pic spam of the lovers
and more
and....comeon. it was a request.
hands of the lovers AWWWWWWWW... dun spoil it ppl.
me and fiona playing sparklers~
sparklers....well almost bwahahhaa XDXD my uncle playing with "sparklers"
CNY first day, what i wore. *shoots the mirror* i can t believe it...i swear to earn more money and get decent clothes nex yr
yuuto: gong xi fa chai XDXD
me: those are biscuits =.=
yuuto: hong bao.
me: no.
yuuto: if you are gonna be so picky about oranges den gimme your hands.
me: ... ... ...

yuuto at my grandma's =D
Second day of CNY, in the mornin. the two most unwilling ppl to wake me. aka me and yuu-dear.
Second day of CNY clothes. THIS IS ME. yes. i feel so happy wearin this set of clothes. BWAHAHAHHA this is wad i call new year clothes!
yuu dear's second day clothes XD
meh evil eye!!! nah. i jus liked the effect with night flash XD
Andelia Rehauste, spastic sadist of a Vampire
Sochii Kamiya, egoistic nutcrack of a Human
wad did i say about narcissim? its love. =D

i wanna blog properly. but i ain got time. so pardon this messy blogging.


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