me and me weird face =.= was waiting for bunny to finish up with her shots XDXD

anyway, the shoot was okay with occassional spazms disruption from reiyu due to the young kids and the BL couple,yuji and sara. of course, my dear 紫龙妹妹 joined in no less.

ah long pte ltd was at 4+pm =.= so me and yuikhoshi settled for CJ7 which i thought was quite stupid =.= ok....maybe funny too. but definitely not worth the money. the only part which was worth the money was yukihoshi crying XDXD *twirls* me ish evil XDXD

8th day since i was sick. i m still sick, but MUCH MUCH BETTER. and i m stil jobless. i m pretty much annoyed =.= pretty much. and i m positively annoyed with the tie supplier. stupid stuckup lesser mortal.

anyway, me think me ish gonna impose a dress code on the 4th shoot. i had enough of see-in so many different school uniforms =.= its annoyin me into pieces. really annoying to see it.

below are some pictures. of me, yukihoshi and precioustot. never put up zilong one cos she has le =X


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