He seems quite cheerful nowadays....anyway, pic spam with lousy CAM phone ahead. look at your own risk XDXD

he's a total sweetheart. the pictures says it alll....awwwww *hugs*

what can i say...he really looks very cheerful XDXD
BTW he got his new clothes mahahahaha thats a few pillow from M.Y that is one set with the clothes XDXD
and this is his second set XXD
and.....i left the ribbon which was suppose to be behind on his head LOL
he looks like some lao da in this picture LOL cos he got tattoo XDXD dun play ar~~~~i need to get MSC for him. anyone volunteering? i'll pay~

anyway, we went to some flower garden today to buy some flowers so i took a chance to let him take some picures XDXD

while i was cleanin up my figures i gave him the akito one to play XDXD


he refused to return me. how convenient =.=

after that i went out with ah gong for dinner.....yesh. so long never go out with ah gong XXD thanks ah gong for free dinner muahahahahhaa

i think i should go slp =w=;;;


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