Second day of sickness

me like meself. so i m gonna moan about my not so pathetic life and post my own pictures until i get well. i m sick. for the second day. this is worse than i have expected....mayb idiots really do have it better.

idiots dont fall sick =D

well. now i m miserably left at home ALONE to fend for my sickself while my parents happily go msia and my bro ish staying in school den goin to his friend's house later to show off his new psp LOL. while i m left with a pathetic laptop, a set of taiwan drama which is utterly boring....the only happy thing is i get to chat with yukihoshi while he is in school performin his all time fav, HIDIN AND MULTITASKIN ON TEH PHONE. teh evil being =.= he should be studying lol.

n yes. i happily scare him into thinkin i m attempting to die. lol. if you know me well, i wont mean it. you jus think that i m annoyed with the flu and cough =.=

i m bored. i need more things to do. actually....scratch that. i dont wanna do anything =D


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