Teh Schools OUT

shoot me. i m sick XDXD yaoi is love.

nehway, SCHOOLS OUT! to all you studying suckers out there HA, IN YOUR FACE. i need to get both a life AND a job. *starts looking*

nehway, i ended school at TWO pm. can u believe it? the most evil of our teacher let us go the earliest this week!!!

so i went out with kazuki. as usual. we went mediya....for the whole of his freakin life. he has never been to LIANG COURT. omg. mediya i understand...but liang court.....KAZUKI'S DAD AND MOM!!! YOU ARE ROBBING HIS CHILDHOOD!! we had beef udon and i m picking the bill. apparently kazuki is over-budgetted. KAZUKI!!! when you see this, sms me your bank acct. I M TRANSFERRING COS YOU WILL SPEND THE CASH!

after that we went to chinese garden with intention to sing, did i mention HOW FUNNY KAZUKI SOUNDS AND LOOK when he tries to learn a new song? no? ok. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. yes i m evil. and FUCKING SHIT! kazuki had to lead me to somewhere sinister. i got owned...totally *kicks kazuki* i assure you that i did not kick him. i HIT him only. and involving alot of spastic laughing and nutty convo.

after that, here i m home. chatting with pweshi and toya =3=

fuck counting down. i need a break. i need MAWR SLEEP

did i mention yuuto's clothes cant be collected til monday? FUCK SPEED POST!


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