New fringe~ *heavy camwhorage ahead*

something totally unrelated but I was rather happy when these arrives /0/ cant wait for the real thing to happen.

Twinneh ordered pikachu suits for shiki and ichigo too...

and we let Yuu-dear have a try out first. *pwahahahaha*

twinneh say yuuto look like little chicky, i say he just looks dulan. lol.

Lots of things happened over the weekend but a few notable events would be my mom's and riku's bdae~

We celebrated mom's at Sakae Sushi and riku invited me to dinner at Todai.

I swear i was feeling so fat from both night, esp from Todai =A+;;;

My coords during the Todai treat

just a picture of the yummy goodies from Todai.. this was my second plate btw~~

as you have read in my prev post where i left a picture of my long fringe... its finally goodbye to them and hello bangs.
I NEVER had proper bangs before, they were always like slanted visual style or something like that.This is definitely something new for me and something interesting. Some said it looks better, some say my hair looks neater[jus cut bangs only wtf?], some said that I look younger.
I would go with I DONT LOOK LIKE I HAVE A BALDING FOREHEAD ANYMORE or something like that. Younger is good. HAHAHAH!!

Tried out reira's curls on top of having bangs~

sooooo.... full blast of pictures ahead D8 you are warned!








for those who made it to the end of the line 8D
What do you think?


alex said…
my god, you look so cute and pretty with bangs!! it really suits you! :-D <3
하늘 said…
Sochii! So gorgeous! I envy your hair, makeup, & style <3 Those sweets look yummy!
alalsil said…
wow can i ask where you got all those slam dunk stuff from? are they for your cosplay, or for your dolls? cos i can't really tell the size from the pictures. thanks! :)
Alex >>> thanks!!! i m really happy about the various good responses i get after i cut my fringe. <3

Rina >>> Thanks <3 They were!! Especially the chocolate banana <3

Alalsil >>> I got them from overseas, they are for cosplay 8D they belong to some other members of the team too, not only me 83
Nana said…
Wow! You look so cute~ : D : D Like your doll!
you're so pretty! and you really look like Cherry Hsia! you know, the Hu Li Qin from the current 9pm show on channel 8, haha! ^^
Cheryl >> really? thats a first. usually people will say that i resemble some korean singers hahaha
alalsil said…
for cosplay? cool! looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your cosplay team! :)
alalsil >> yes for cosplay ^^/ it wont be so soon but you bet i'll blog about it when its on!

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