Vday epilogue

This was yuu dear at new years eve. very tired from the fireworks already.

yesterday was valentines....and see what kazuki got me...MISER!!!!

we went for lunch first, and i got slightly charred food. which made me roll eyes. dang. lousy. but the soup and ice cream was good though. whats the name of the diner, i cant be bothered to remember.

after that we went to T3. yes. yesterday we went to the weirdest places. and we scarved down ice-cream mochi and cheesecake at T3. now you cant complain you never smelt the air there *kicks kazuki into nile river*

and den we head on to the NATIONAL LIBRARY. lol. i lol-ed. but it was fun as we complained about how stupid the reference library was. YOU CANT BRING YOUR OWN BOOKS IN. wtf. no bags, i understand. but NO BOOKS?? gah.

den we wanted to go for dinner at jurong point. apparently the crowd was AWESOMELY HUMONGOUS. so i complained about it and we went to the KFC near my house bwahahahahhaa

he had zinger[i think] i wasn paying attention...playin hp games LOL. and den i had cheesefries. and homg.....he is stupidly honest. seeeeee i told you he was a simple minded athelete. >.> the kfc dude came with two sets of cheesefries, and kazuki said: we only ordered one. *smacks his head* $3.10 wasted. i physco-ed him into cheese, yes he is NOT a cheese person, but i managed somehow. and i got him to agree on the same frequency =D

we crapped about alot of things there. like the sub culture of Vampirism, which is Sochiiism. and we touched on the well-known section of Sochiiism which is Yaoiism.

" Thou shalt read more Yaoi" - extracted from the Legend of Sochiiism[one of the Ten Commandments]

" Think Gay, Look Gay, Breath Gay, Be Gay, Find Gay" - extracted from the Legend of Sochiiism[the Five Ways of Sochiiism]

anyway. this was what kazuki really gave me though *kicks him into teh drain* i m sensitive to flowers ppl. this was wasted =A=


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