okay here's the deal. i was busy working k? try goin home every night after working in a warehouse and blog. i cant. lol. i jus survived one week of promotion packing and distributing. lol. damn watson's for havin a 20% sale. i had to work 7 days a week =.= this better be worth it. i wan my cosplay costume.....

anyway. i know alot of things are happening while i m working my ass off. but i cant spare a thought for them. i m so sorry. if you wanna look for me, i always have my phone. sms me =.= its VERY simple.

for matsuri, i did super narcissist ayame souhma. yesh. i love him. special thanks to reiyu bro for lending me the costume. will return LOL. see when i m free first ._.

thanks all for not forgettin me *points at the tagboard* and yea. see you all soon.


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